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Today’s aviation world demands cost sensitive operations, continuous review cycles, optimization of processes and making training competency based, no matter the department.

Wherever you are with your business right now, we will dive deep into your improvement needs, bring our experience to the table and find solutions to enhance your business and operations from A-Z – bringing concept to life. 

Who we are

Based in Leipzig, Germany, aeroconcept is an aviation consulting business with the motto: “bringing concept to life”. The company’s General Manager is James Wyatt.

With an extensive background in aviation since 2001 and more than two decades working for some of the largest organizations in this fascinating industry, James started aeroconcept. The opportunity of working in many different continents, countries and cultures in the last 22 years has proved invaluable and enables us to offer a very dynamic service with the required skill set to deliver.

The extensive experience across the industry with a variety of roles and organizations has enabled James to gather a considerable network of industry related professionals and expertise to provide totally unbiased and professional support.

Air Cargo Management Consulting, Strategy & Training

Our Services

Transformation &
Change Management

Landside trucking to aircraft push back and vice versa. ‘as is’ versus ‘to-be’. Alignment with air cargo industry standards. Process development, implementation and review. Certified blueprint methodology which includes new station set up and existing station turnaround.

IATA Consulting,
& Training

Independent Validation for Dangerous Goods CBTA Center and CEIV Lithium Batteries. Certified IATA Instruction and Consulting for air cargo.

Management &
Operational Training

Company specific training in all Air Cargo areas which are tailored for all levels of your organisation. Enabling an open environment for all levels to reflect, gain knowledge and develop.

Cargo Management
System Procurement
& Implementation

Enabling Cargo Ground Handlers and airlines to independently assess and procure Cargo Management IT systems, whilst retaining industry standard and challenging existing process and procedure to ensure future organisation sustainability.

The Human Factor
& Coaching

Enabling organisations to realise and act upon their biggest asset – their people. Structured, interviews, profiling and management feedback.

Dangerous Goods
by Air

Independent consulting on the carriage of Dangerous Goods by air, focused on consignment acceptance for air transport across passenger and cargo airlines.

Air Cargo Procurement:

Unbiased expertise in the entire air cargo procurement process. An industry standard approach that enables a challenge of the process and offer, no matter the side of the table you are sitting on.

University Lectures (BA, MSc)
in Transport, Logistics
& Supply Chain

Providing the ‘real life’ insight into todays air cargo and logistics world, enabling new entrants to the industry to gain a deep understanding of the core skills required.

On Board Courier (OBC)
Services & Management

On Board Courier Services through a global network of experienced and dedicated couriers. Through stringent process and procedures we ensure your consignment is collected and delivered rapidly, efficiently and within the global laws of trade.

Current Clients

Client Voices

"I have had the pleasure of working with aeroconcept over the past five years.

aeroconcept provided my organization with excellent advice on air freight-specific topics, particularly in the design and implementation of the Station Manager Training Program.

This program is vital to us as it equips our new station managers with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their role, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our partnership with aeroconcept has contributed to many successes and aeroconcept's level of professionalism and expertise is absolutely convincing. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”
Dr. Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt
Vice President Global Fulfillment Management, Lufthansa Cargo AG
"In 2019, I took the helm at Swissport Cargo in LGG and immediately embarked on a critical analysis to enhance our operational performance.

Recognizing the need for external expertise, I sought a consultant with deep aviation knowledge and a practical, hands-on approach. After extensive discussions and numerous online meetings with various experts, James Wyatt of aeroconcept emerged as the ideal candidate.

We crafted a strategic plan and formalized our collaboration with an annual support contract. James began with an intensive on-site engagement, quickly establishing fundamental improvements.

His efforts were immediately reflected in our performance metrics, turning our KPIs green and notably enhancing our Net Promoter Score, which gauges customer satisfaction.

Over time, we transitioned to a less frequent, yet strategic, review schedule, maintaining momentum and continuing improvements. Owing to this successful formula, we expanded James's engagement to include our BRU and AMS stations, supported by the entire cluster.

James's impact has been so profound that Swissport has recently extended aeroconcept's services to additional locations, further endorsing this fruitful partnership. After almost 3 years into our professional relationship, I value James for his exceptional contributions, and I am deeply grateful for all that he has done."
Wilfried Jans
Station Director LGG, Swissport Cargo Services Belgium

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